If you are a frequent traveler, by car or passenger plane, you probably frequently stay in Hotels.  

There is nothing worse than to arrive at your hotel around 9 or 10 pm and after checking in you try to find a place to eat and find most restaurants have closed for the night.

You check the local listings and find the only thing open at that time of night is the local "grease pit"  or the "sea sick diner"  or one of those all night joints that are staffed by students who know nothing about cooking. 

After eating a meal, you spend the rest of the night administering tums or Maalox or

worse still, frequent trips to the big white throne.  

At 11pm, you feel like a decent cup of coffee.   You take a walk down to the foyer and find a pot of black stuff.  At that point you find that the only relationship the pot has to coffee is "black"    What comes out is usually good enough to resurface the driveway outside.   There is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee.  

Even if there is a coffee pot in the room, the coffee the hotels provide is often not really good.  The packet has been sitting in the Hotel chain warehouse for a year.  By the time you get it, it is way beyond the expiration date. 

"Real Iron Chef" teaches you how to make great tasting meals in your hotel room ...  from toasted cheese to grilled steak.  Saving 50% to 75% per meal.

If you get hungry late at night, the only option you have is to order pizza delvery and quite frankly, eating pizza late at night, can cause indigestion and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning.  

Come on, admit it, you keep a supply of candy bars and peanuts handy for just such an occasion.  However, after an extended stay of a few nights, you cannot stand another bite and long for something more substantial. 

But, don't despair.   I am about to reveal to you in this book, a way to cook a gourmet meal and enjoy a hot cappuccino in the comfort of your hotel room.  

When traveling away from home meals can be quite expensive.  You could quite easily spend $20 to $30 per day per person for restaurant meals.   A 10oz Steak, vegetables, and potato dinner, costs between $10 to $15 or more.

Using the "Real Iron Chef" method, you can reduce your costs by up to 70% to $5 - $10 per day per person, depending on the recipe you choose.  

  • Eating at restaurants during a 10 day hotel stay, could cost you up to  $300/person. 
  • Using the "Real Iron Chef" method ... your meals would cost +-  $ 50 to $100/person.
  • A saving of $ 200.00+ per person.

  1. Hotel rooms ... what to ask for and what to expect.

  2. Your Hotel Room Grocery List

  3. How to make coffee when there is no coffee pot in your room.

  4. How about a delicious cappuccino without an espresso maker.

  5. 15 minute Meals in your hotel room when you are too hungry to wait.

  6. Rice, Pasta and Steamed Vegetables and other dishes.

  7. Two, Three or Four Item Steak & Chicken dinners without a stove or cooking pot.

  8. Real Iron chef safety tips and FREE updates as we add new recipes and other information. 

The big secret is to come prepared.  You can pack a lot of the ingredients in your case that can be used to brew a really good cup of coffee in minutes and make a delicious, hot meal in less than 20 to 45 minutes.  

You can make a delicious toasted cheese sandwich in about 6 minutes and mac n' cheese in about 20 minutes.   If you feel like something light yet substantial, then I will show you how to prepare steamed rice with butter and herbs.   If you are very hungry, the "Real Iron Chef" will show you how to make Grilled Steak, vegetables, potatoes and or rice, step by easy step.   (The steak is nicely browned top and bottom and tender and juicy inside)

You say impossible.  Absolutely not.   I have been cooking up gourmet tasting meals in my hotel for several years now and much prefer it to visiting the local restaurant.  Having traveled for so many years, visiting the local restaurant has become a boring event.  I already know that 70% of the meals I buy will not taste good. 

Sure it's food, but when you are paying $ 6 to $12 per meal, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and pocket.   With the "Real Iron Chef" cooking method,  I get back to my hotel room from my meeting, get changed and start preparing my meal. 

It takes me about 10 minutes to put together the ingredients, and start the cooking process.  Then I sit and relax and watch TV or get my email.  About 15 to 40 mins later, I sit down to enjoy a really tasty hot meal, which is much better than some fast food junk meal or a greasy meal which requires a side dish of Tums.

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